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urmyparadise's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

From First to Last.
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December 26th At 4:27PM]
I love Winter :)
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November 14th At 6:07PM]
So How Is everyone?
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October 26th At 4:34PM]
mmmmCollapse )
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Just Wonderful.. [Sunday
August 1st At 11:15PM]
[ mood | cold ]

I can't believe it's already August *tear*. Summer always goes by so quickly. I wish it would last all year long..but not all wishes come true as you all know.

My summer has been going really good so far. I got a job so I've been racking in the mula haha. Thank God..I've needed it thats for sure. I'm working at Concord Hospital in the kitchen. Mmmm..it's pretty much all bitches work. Alot of cleaning and washing dishes. I guess I can't really complain though. The people I work with are really nice. Most of them anyways. The hours have been good too. Mostly 4-7:30, although I got told that I will be working alot more days now which sucks because the hours are 6:30 AM till 3 PM. Shitty..

Hmm..I've seen quite a few friends this summer :)..Kayla mostly. Gotta love her! I've been to a few parties..Always fun!

What else..Well Friday after work I went down to Manchester to see Kay. I met her at the Verizon Arena (My friend from work drove me down there cuz he's super nice...pretty damn hott too haha!) So when Kayla picked me up in Manch she deff. had a full car. Tiffany her two kids (Exaviar and Valencia) Steph were all packed in her little honda haha. So i ended up sitting on the floor. We ended up goin to Tiff's appartment instead of Kayla's house. When we got there I decided I was hungry and Tiff didn't have much food so me and Kay drove to Wendies. Thank God for fast food! On the way home Kayla called Ruben (the kid we were pickin up in Mass the next day..I found out his friend couldn't come so I was sad..I tried to convince his brother Jounior to come. We talked for awhile and he said I seemed really cool. Well he didn't use those words cuz one he's balck and two he does live in Mass..What he really said was u sound like a mad freak. At first i was like WTF?! but then he assured me where he lived a freak means a *wild girl*. He let me know that was deff a good thing. He said he really wanted to come but had to DJ a party the next day. Shitttt..lol

So we went back to Tiff's. Kay and Ruben talked some more and Tiff corn*rowed my hair. It looked hott haha! Had some Funnnn that night..I ended up passin out on the floor..Slept pretty good actully!

Anyways..we ended up gettin Ruben around 1 and Junior was there. He was short..and not too wonderful looking haha. Ruben was pretty niccce tho haha. Well on the way home I threw out my cell phone in my Mickie D's bag. I didn't realize it till we got back to NH tho..so I'm never gonna see it again which is sad..I liked it haha. But yeah when I found out I had threw it away i knew my dad would shoot me if he found out so I made up a story that I was pick pocketed at the mall. It was very believeable actully and he still doesn't know what really happened haha. Ohh well. Fuck that am I telling the that I really was an idiot and put it in my Mc Donalds bag. Or that I threw the bag out in Mass. Especially cuz I wasn't supposed to go to Mass in the first place.

Well..Umm I'm basicacly too tired to write anymore so I'm done. HAHA Im such a lazy mother fuck. I love it!

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